100m World Record-In Just 9.58 seconds developed by Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a great and phenomenal athlete who has built the 100m world Record. He is the fastest man in the World, and according to all records, he is the man who has ever lived according to all records we have. For the 100m sprints, he currently holds the World Record at just 9.58 seconds in Berlin 2009, while he has beaten his records of 9.6 seconds at 2008 in Beijing’s Olympic Game.

100m World Race Overview


The 100m race is also known as 100 m dash. It is a sprint race in the track and field competitions. This game is one of the most popular game in the World and prestigious events in athletics. At the summer Olympic since 1896 for men it has been contested and since 128 for women. Since 1983, the World championships 100 meters has been appropriately contested. Often the resigning 100 meter Olympic or World Champion is named by the fastest man or woman in the World. The reigning world champions like Shely-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Christian Coleman, Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson are the men’s & women’s Olympic champions. Four hundred meter (400m) on an outdoor track the 100 is run on the home straight along with the start that usually being set on an extension to make it a straight-line race.


Some athletes play psychological games such as trying to be the last to the start blocks’ starting blocks. The time between the gun and the first kick against the starting block measured electronically at the high levels, through sensors built-in gun and the blocks. A false start means the reaction time less than 0.1s. And while 0.2-sec interval accounts for the sum of the time, it takes for the sound of the starter’s pistols to reach the runner’s ears, and the time they take to react to it instantly.

A sprinter was disqualified for the to false starts individually which may be for many years. In February 2003, the next iteration of the rule was introduced, which meant that one false start was allowed among the field. Still, the one responsible for the subsequent false start was disqualified—dramatic impacts at the 2011 World Championships those the rule had. Usain Bolt was disqualified first, who is the current world record holder.


Just past the race’s the halfway point and progressively decelerate in the later stages of the race, the runner usually reaches their top speed. The primary focus of training contains the top speed for as long as possible for the training 100m. In 100m race pacing and running tactics do not play a significant role as success in the event depends more on the pure athletics qualities and the other techniques.


The winner can be determined by IAAF competition Rules which has been determined by the first athlete along with his torso but not including the head, neck or limbs, over a nearer edge of finish line. Therefore, the entire body requires the entire body to cross the finish line, and at the end, the photo finish determines who is first or who is second.

Theoretical Max of 100m World Record

Remember, the things that drag his transit time down are generally the start of the race and at the end of the race, during his showboating which is well deserved if we remove the restrictions and begin a race of timing based on the rolling start. At the above speed curve, we can give him a lead-in acceleration lane of about 30m. Approximately, 8.7 seconds, theoretically covered 100m.

Move Over Usain

Insanely, Usain may be fast, but he is not the fastest animal on the land. The cheetah got the honour of high speed that feline found in Africa and Asia. At over 75 mph, these endangered cats have been clocked and recorded as accelerating from 0-100 kph in under three seconds, is the territory of Bugatti Veyron. Other animals like Ostrich can jog at over 30 mph for over half an hour, and Falcon can achieve speeds over 240 mph in a dive.

Most World Records Hold

Moroccan Hicham EI Guerrouj in three events achieve the reward of World record holder which is 1500m the mile and nearly 2000m races. In case of Women, Griffith-Joyner owns both 100m and 200m records, but on the other hand, Katie Ledecky holds the most with her swimming records in the 400m 800m and 1500m in the freestyle events.

Ab Athletes Hold Record

Jonathan Edwards still holds the World triple jump record and an effort of 18.29m that he set on the 7th August 1995. In the 50m and 100m backstroke developed two World records by Swimmer Adam Peaty.

Phelps again along with the eight-all gold-in the men’s competition and the Soviet Union provide the women’s holder named Maria Gorokhovskay, who claimed seven medals in 1952. She was the gymnast and claimed a haul of two golds and five silver medals.

100m World Record Gold Medals

In 1932, Aladar Gerevich won his first gold medal and then another one in 1960. Earning the title of the greatest Olympic Swordsman ever, the stretch of 28 years is more impressive due to haul of golds. In 1980, German Birgit Fischer won her first of eight gold medals and then her last in Athens in 2004. In the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, swimmer Anthony Ervin won gold in the 50m freestyle and before returning to win gold in 2016.

But Usain is the top one fast runner in the World and had achieved the reward of gold medals. But keep note that perfection requires a lot of hardworking and all the gold medalist personalities done very hardworking process till they reached their goal. It is not easy to gain the reward or make a name in all over the World. So, make them modal and work hard like them.

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