Bench Press World Record-Who Developed World Record in Bench Press

Bench Press World Record in bench press across the years are the international records regardless of the weight classes or governing organization and without using the bridge technique for bench press on back. The bench press shirts support the lifter’s shoulders and provide the upward forces that have significantly increased the records since 1985. American Julius Maddox set a bench press world record without any equipment at 349 kg. American Will Barotti currently developed the world-equipped record at 501 kg, which nearly 1,105 lb.

The woman lifted 272.5 kg, nearly 601 lb and equipped bench press record belongs to Becca Swanson from the United States. On the other hand, the raw bench press record belongs to April Mathis and the United States who lifted almost 207 kg nearly 457 lb.

Bench Press World Record Scores

The bench press test is nearly the upper body strength and is considered the criterion measure of many other weightlifters’ strength. Weight is a target for many to bench your body, but the record for the most weight bench pressed is much greater than that. The different federations have subtly different rules on the technique, it must be noted and the equipment that is allowed and whether performance-enhancing the drugs are tested. The world record has been increased significantly with the advent of bench press shirts, which aid the lift by supporting the lifter’s shoulders and providing the upward force.

Currently, the World Record RAW bench press is generally without a bench shirt and lift 350 to nearly 770 lbs, and set by Julius Maddox of Owensboro of United States in March 2020. Using the wrist wraps RAW World record awards were achieved. Now the too current record is by Tiny Meeker with a bench press shirt who pressed 1102 lb which is nearly 500kg in 2013.

Conley Bench Press Record

A Chillicothe resident recently has broken a big Guinness World Record bu lifting it to new heights. Chillicothe’s own Brandon Conley broke the world record for the most times consecutively bench pressing of 225 pounds, last month. Conley develops the record of 60 reps while the previous record was of 56 reps. And in all process, the massive amount of hard work also exist. Because no one knows the hard work and pain to achieve perfection, the lover or the achiever can only understand the worth of hardworking and strength. It was exhausting at first, and he could hardly breathe after to achieve the reward. And Conley replied that all of these years of training have finally paid off to do something. And he finally achieved one of my big goals.

Conley was happy to achieve his goal, but he thought that only one record is not enough, and he was hungry for more. Conley will be travelling to Barcelona, Spain, to re-break his world record at the Classic Europe of Arnold. He was competing man, and he always competed in something ever since he was a kid. He started getting older and had a family which he had to start competing in things that were a little bit more safe and secure because he used to be a fighter before. He worked hard and make a name in the top three benches pressing weight lifting.

Record List Before 1973










164 kg From the floor Georg Hackenschmidt press 164 kg or 362 lb.
1916s 165 kg or 364 lb Joe Nordquist presses 165 kg from the floor.
The 1950s


227 kg or 500 lb Doug Hepburn becomes the first man who has to bench press 400, 450 and 500 lb. In 1950, he pressed 400 lb and pressed 450 lb in 1951 and 500 lb in December 1953.


256 kg or 565 lb


256 kg presses by Bruno Sammartino


279 kg or 615.5 lb


Pat Casey presses 615.5 lb on March 25, 1967, and becomes the first man to bench press at 600 lb nearly.


307 kg or 675 lb Jim Williams Presses 306 kg which is nearly 675 lb with only ace bandages on his elbows by wearing a T-shirt on November 9, AUU world Powerlifting Championships at 1972.


Equipped with Bench Shirt

Ted Arcidi first presses 307.5 kg and then becomes the first man to bench press over 700 lb and the lift of 705.75 lb or 320 kg. This task or goal was performed without wrist wraps but with the one of the prototype supportive bench press shirts that were 50% polyester and 50% cotton mostly and nearly one layer only considered thick. At the APF Bench Press Invitational on September 30 in Keene, New Hampshire and Ted Arcidi Presses 326 kg or nearly 718 lb. Then in 193, Anthony Clark presses 329 kg in May and then on the September 25 generally breaks the record with a 333.5 kg lift at the UPSF Northwest Open.

In 1994, Anthony Clark Pressed 335 kg weight. In 1995, Jamie Harris at the APF State Championships pressed 335.5kg in March 1995. And in the same year, Chris Confessore pressed 336 kg at only 236 lb of bodyweight on June 17, 1995. Anthony Clark pressed 339 kg and 340 kg at the Great Bench Press of America Meet in Texas in 1995. In September 1996, Anthony Clark pressed weight of 33o kg and later 354 at Mr Olympia. In 1997, Anthony Clark pressed 356 kg weight. And the competition became high and high and in 2013 Tiny Meeker presses 501 kg at the Cajun Hardcore Powerlifting Meet on December 14 in Buena, Texas. Will Barsotti generates the current record of 2020 by pressing 501 kg nearly 1,105 lb at the Metal Militia Power Wars on June 20.

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