Deadlift World Record-Heaviest Deadlift Record Established

Hafthor Bjornsson has set deadlift World Record. He lifts nearly 1,104 pounds in weight. He was the man who developed the history by lifting the weight of 1,104 pounds almost 500kg. He was a beast of 6ft 9in of a small crowd amid the coronavirus crisis. He lifted 420kg and 465kg before creating a new record of 501kg moments later through his first two lifts of the day. At the same time, the previous record had been established by Eddie Hall who had lifted the weight of 1,102 lbs in the year 2016.

More about Deadlift World Record

The caption written by the one social media resource is Damn man smashed 501kg congratulations Hafthor new world record holder. The mountain deadlift 501kg is just the second one tweet. Then, the third one added the history made the pulls a massive 501 kilograms or 1,104lbs deadlift. Bjornsson was named the World’s Strongest Man in 2018. He finished runner-up at the contest in 2016 and 2017 during the process while taking third place last year.

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall was the British strongman who stepped up on the plate. He was the 28th stone leviathan who pulled a superhuman 500kg in the front of a 10,000 healthy crowd in Leeds at the Giant Live World, and he was the deadlift championship. Strongman was chasing 400 kilograms, and nobody thought the half-ton was even humanly possible, but Hall proved them wrong just three years ago.


His wife and the two children were shaken seeing him stricken on the stage at the Leeds Arena but almost the main point is that he luckily came round and appeared to have recovered. To the very limit and the fears over Hall’s safety performing such huge lifts have been expressed before, the strongman is a sport that pushes human performance. Jon Pall Sigmarsson died while dead-lifting after suffering what was thought to be a traumatic aortic rupture, Icelandic strongman, and the four-time World’s Strongest Man.

Question: Who Holds the Record?

Answer: There are many world records great men have established those. Here we provide different categories of world records, so you can check and get the details about all the world records found in the world. There are many records like a plank, race, and 100m race but here we are discussing the deadlift world record. Hafthor Bjornsson developed the official form of deadlift by lifting the weight nearly 504kg. He created the description in the 2020s. But you may amuse to know that he was highly injured in that situation. He began to bleed and face severe pain. But the aim to achieve a world record was established by him.

Question: How do I submit a World Record?

Answer: You have to go to the official website of world record submission. You have to register for an account. Then You will get or receive the verification code with the activation link. Then click on the green Apply for the record submission. You have to search for the record you want to break after finding the record click on the application and then complete the application form.


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