Question: How to add an idea?


How I can submit my suggestions?

Ans: To submit your suggestion the only one source which is our official email named waqasum55@gmail.com for you. Leave a reply on this Gmail using the document file. We may approve your comment soon.

Question: What is a record?

Answer: Record means the information related to any person, event and organization or event: some special way and happening the first time. One of the claimants must be provided by the achievable, challengeable and recognizable with the proper evidence. This is much personal achievement an incident.

Q.How a World Record is recognized?

Answer: There are ways by the record is official as the world Record. These are most common the clam in the method to attempt as the world record. The cases someone also claims the behalf the record to the incident, and the team to find the unique and recognizes it through the cause.


Q.What is the process of becoming a World Record Holder?

Answer: The record the setting process consists of the 4 steps:

After you, the confirmation the along with the Claim ID: your need about the other follow the mailed by the GBWR.

Q.There are 2 forms the Website the GBWR: which form I should submit?

Answer: You are the planning the attempt Then you are thought to fill the ‘Record Application Information’ including communication us. Our organization will watch it and grant you this ‘Record Specific Guideline’ that you want to regard at the World Record trial. This guideline would encourage yourself to guarantee the Endeavour turn in to a flourishing recording endeavour.

If you should previously attempt a World Record (like the combination from something); before you are supposed to choose the ‘Record Claim Form’ and mail us besides including all sections of testimony and witness accounts for investigation and identification.

Q.Can I submit the record the behalf someone else?

Answer: Yes, but we accept the 3rd part of the Claim the special cases. You need the most evidence.

Q.What is the World Record Claim the application deadline?

Answer: You can the record to submit the time to after attempting the record: It provided by you have all the formalities and the provided all pieces of evidence.

Q.How to long will take for me get the response to the record-breaking application?

Answer: As there is much application they received the other days: we take the 5 to 8 weeks the response to your application.

Q.There any service for the fast processing of my Application?

Answer: Golden Book the world records to offers the normal record the 1 to 3 processing months for existing the claim record and three and four months for the record to claim with the new title.

We also the ‘’Rapid Processing’’ a priority the processing to services when the rapid processing the world’s record within one month. You can request for RPS at any times. This costs the additional $50. We cannot refund for the unsuccessful applications.