Plank World Record-8 hours and 15 minutes in Plank Position

Plank World Record

Plank World Record has been established by George Hood, who was then 62 years old. But at any age, this is an incredible feat. George Hood set the male world record for the longest time in such a plank position and says that it is the most excellent shape of his life. He stayed in the plank position for about eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, on February 15. Guinness World Record established and confirmed that new record for supporting oneself on the toes and forearms.

In 2011, the previous record was established, which was 1 hour and 20 minutes established by Plank but Hood, a former Marine and retired Drug Enforcement Administration supervisory special agent. Then Mao Weidong, who was from China, turned that 1 hour and 20min records into the 8 hours and 1 minute and 1 sec. But Hood also beat that record and held another target which rose to a high level.

Male Plank World Record

Hood told that he was determined to reclaim his title. For an average of 7 hours for the 18 months, he trained every day leading up to the big day. In the plank pose, it is 4 to 5 hours a day in his training was scheduled. He told that he do 700 pushups a day with 2,000 sit-ups a day in the sets of a hundred and 500 leg squats a day. A day he does approximately 300 arms curls, just only for the upper body. When he finally got up on the platform to break the world record, he also told that he thought about his three sons all over the event, his rock musing and including Van Halen and “Du Hast” by Rammstein and also kept him going forward.

He also told that prolonged planking phases are nearly similar to the walls and one encounter while running the marathon. He also said that he had the confidence to be a rock star and had made a great faith in the 1980s.

Female Plank World Record

Dana Glowacka from Canada held a plank for four hours, 19 minutes and 55 seconds who belongs to Canada. The whole event verified by Guinness World Record. Previously, she placed the second at the International World Cup Plank Challenge in Beijing in 2016. She got second place by perming a plank of two hours and five minutes. But itself that was an incredible achievement and that was clear to see about how far she’s stepped efforts up over the last three years.

She spent years developing abs of steel, which is just a glance at Instagram and account name is Glowacka.

Like the other lifts or exercise, the plank’s performance is not similar because in this case, we calculate the length of time which you hold the position, but in other case, reps counted.

Performing Plank

  • Just follow the steps, and we hope that you will able to apply the plank easily. But the word quickly does not means that the work is not too hard to do for a long time. Itrequires a lot of mindset and practice.
  • You have to take a position with forearms on the ground and supporting your body.
  • Your back must be straight, and the feet should be placed together or closed.
  • On your forearms and toes balance your weight.
  • Then you have to hold this position as long as you can.
  • Increase the progress length of time or by simply adding a weight plate to your back.

Some Facts About George Hood

Following some facts about George Hood, those help you explore the feelings and some other info about George Hood.

  • George Hood broken the world record for the longest consecutive time spent in such a problematic plank position and he was 62-years old, US Marine veteran.
  • Officially, the title of the record Hood broke is “Longest time in an abdominal plank position” in male.
  • He always had a fantasy of being a rock star from the 80s, and he told that at least for those 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, he was a rock star.
  • Through on the day by just listening to rock bands such as Van Halen and Rammstein, he prepared for the event with over 2,100 hours of planking and pushed himself up.
  • George Hood held the position to benefit the mental-health initiate 515 Fitness and held the position for an unthinkable 8 hours, and 15 minutes.

Impressive 12-month Planks

After, set the women’s planking world record with a time of four hours and 20 minutes, the news of George hood to astonishing the achievement comes less than a year. By entire 50 minutes at the First International Plank Training Conference, The Montrealer broke the previous mark. So, it has been quite the year in the weird and wonderful world of the record-breaking the planking.

All, the efforts and hard work those they had done, deserve a lot of respect. I must appreciate them because they can get the care of that level.

An Insane training programme

Though, as the American drilled himself with a mind-blowing 674,000 sit-ups ad 270,000 pushups, and you do not just get iron abs through the sheer will power. In 2018, registering a barely comprehensible session of 10 hours and 10 minutes and it is also reported that Hood previously completed an even longer plank. So, for us, the aim of raising too high as you have to develop your mindset. You have to explore your thoughts and work hard to achieve your dream or goal because everything is fair to achieve your goal but not in wrong terms.

The main point is that you have to set a goal and achieve that goal amazingly. You have to soar like an eagle not to crawl. You have to think the primary purpose of your life and never lose hope because if you continue your little effort, big success is waiting for you.

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