World Record Bass-Facts and Ideas to develop a World Record

George Perry was caught the largemouth bass in Montgomery Lake in Georgia in 1932. The size of that bass was 22 pounds and 4 ounces. For eight decades, the world record bass has held, and some people were sceptical of this world record because there were no pictures had been found that time and yet. But in 2006, the relatives of George Perry produced some photos of the World Record Fish.

All across the World, Patrick Sebile has fished and holds many IGFA records. On a 61 cm largemouth bass Sebile connected using the lure, besting the previous record of 59 cm nearly 23.228 inches. For the IGFA All-Tackle Length Record for the Largemouth bass whose title was catch holds.

George Perry World Record Bass

George Washington Perry was a 20 years old farming living in rural, in 1932. Fishing was more than recreation, and this was in the depths of the Great Depression. That was the way to get the food. That year, the spring was wet, on June 2 the fields were too soggy to work correctly. To do some fishing, Perry and his friend Jack Page set out for Montgomery Lake. On the small homemade boat there and carried a single rod, lure and reel. While the other sculled the ship, each would take a turn casting.

Near a shallow stump, Perry noticed a disturbance and made a cast to it at some time. They stopped at the nearest town before they took the bass, Helena and Pulled into J.J. Hall’s General Store to anyone who might care to show the fish off.

Robert Crupi

Robert Crupi

Among bass anglers, while George Perry’s name is reserved and envied and rightfully there is one angler whose name deserves the equal recognition and respect Robert Crupi. In their lifetime at catching just on the world record, most bass anglers dream of the chance. In only a year, not to mention that three of records were caught, but not a bad year at all. For any other anglers, a 21-pound lunker that he pulled from the renowned Castaic Lake in the Southern California, Crupi’s first World Record largemouth would be the fish of a lifetime on March 9, the 1990s.

On December 28, 1990s Christmas came three days late for Robert Crupi. Crupi was fishing his usual spots on Castaic Lake, working a crippled herring jig in about 40 feet of the water after marking some fish on the electric paper graph.

Dan Kadota

On the incredible largemouth fishery of California’s famed Castaic Lake, Robert Crupi is not the only angler that has capitalized. From Castaic a year before Crupi began his stretch of incredible record catches Dan Kadota pulled his 19 pounds monster. Kadota struck out the early with hopes of catching the big largemouth bass on the chilly morning of January 8, 1989. Along the bottom, while fishing a crawfish, while he netted and boated approximately five minutes later, Kadota hooked into his record.

Mackenzie Hickox

Florida is still one of the US’s best places, although most of the current world record bass have come from Southern California to target trophy largemouth bass. In Florida, any freshwater body of water can produce quality because of the climate and largemouth strain found in the state.

Female Junior Record from the shoreline of a human-made pond, of size 15 pounds and 12 ounces and caught by Mackenzie Hickox, even that pond was not far from her house in Daytona Beach. On May 8, 2006, with her parents, sister and a friend when she hooked into the massive bass, Hickox was just 11 years old and was fishing Strobe Spinner.

World Record Bass by Cody Pierce

World Record Bass by Cody Pierce

Cody Pierce Junior Angler caught the World Record largemouth, and he was then fourteen years old. He developed the perfect example of the importance. That was a 17-pound trophy on the morning of March 22, 2000, Cody skate-boarded down to the nearby Murray Reservoir outside of the San Diego, before heading off to school to sneak in some fishing. He stayed connected to his 17-pound fish when Cody hooked up, which he weighed in at the nearby ranger station and the help of some older anglers fishing nearby. The decision to release the fish alive could make even more bass for people to catch in the future.

Manabu Kurita

Manabu Kurita pulled his 22-pound, 4-ounces largemouth from Lake Biwa in Central Japan after eating live bluegill that he had on for bait. It occurred halfway around the World from where Perry’s fish was landed then the news of the historic catch spread throughout the World. However, landing a fish that millions of anglers that had pushed for the nearly a century is not something to be taken lightly. Its submission made under a microscope as such every detail of the catch. To ensure the yield and compliance done by IGFA rules, IGFA and Japanese Games Fishing Association even went as far as to the administer a polygraph test on Kurita. The IGFA granted Manabu Kurita shares to the “holy grail” a tie for the coveted All-Tackle largemouth bass world along with George Perry after months of rigorously reviewing the application.

Raymond Easley

On March 4, the 1980s, the largest bass anyone had recorded since George Perry’s All-Tackle monster in 1932 when Raymond Easley caught his historic 21-pound and 3 ounces largemouth. Easley was fishing Lake Casitas on that morning with a few buddies those were inexperienced anglers. Easley bait got crushed, and he became tight on the fish of a lifetime while demonstrating how to fish a live crawfish in the relatively deep water properly.

All World Records contains a lot of effort and hardworking. So, you have to make them your modal to achieve perfection like them. Never give up and begin your hard-work whatever you were in every field of life. Also, share this post with your friends and close relative friends too if you want to explore that information.

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