World Record Bluegill-Sunfish of 2 pounds 5 ounces and 11.5 in length

An angler generates his name in the World Record Bluegill list. In Colorado, this week to set the state record an angler has been caught giant Bluegill. To see some pike on a fly rod the week of June 12, 2019, George Wallace set out the record at Totten Reservoir in eh Southwest Corner of the State. Although not a pike, he unexpectedly tied into a Colorado state record fish in the process. Along with a fish that measured 12.75 inches long and weighed 2 pounds and 9.5 ounces, Wallace now holds the state record for Bluegill. At the Durango State Trout Hatchery, that fish was verified by Colorado biologists. At Comanche Power Plant the previous state record bluegill was caught in 2014 and weighed 2 pounds 5 ounces and 11.5 in length.

Great Record Bluegill

The part of the fishing allure is that you never really know for sure about the lurking beneath the surface. For a few bluegills for supper even when you were merely angling, there is always possible that a world-class catch maybe swims your way. A foot above the bottom on a drop-shot rig in 100 feet of water on the mighty Lake Havasu February 16 he was soaking a live nightcrawler and hoped that the Bluegill or sunfish when something remarkably a large one fish inhaled and hooked.

Suddenly, there was a solid jerk, and the fish started pulling the line which he recalls. Over the years, the angler has landed his significant share catches, an avid fisherman, the Lake Havasu City, Arizona. He guessed it was a good-sized catfish and judging by the way this mystery fish tugged and tussled. He told that he fought hard for about 10 or 11 minutes and finally came to the top.

World Record Bluegill List











4 lbs & 12 oz


T.S. Hudson


Katona Lake (Alabama)


2004 3 lbs & 15.68 oz


Christopher Mapes


From Goldwater Lake (Arizona)




3 lbs & 4 oz


Albert Sharp


Fulton Country (Arkansas)




3 lbs & 10 oz Clifford Snyder


 Diamond Pond (Delaware)




2 lbs & 15 oz


John LeMaster


Crystal Lake (Crystal Lake)




3 lbs & 5 oz


P.F. Gumm


Shamrock Lake (Georgia)




8 oz


June Maeda


Lake Wilson (Hawaii)




3 lbs & 8 oz


Darrell Grim


C.J. Strike Reservoir (Idaho)




3 lb & 4 oz


Harold L. Catey


Pond (Indiana)




3 lbs & 2 oz


Phil Agree


Farm Pond (Iowa)




3 lbs & oz


Darren May


Farm Pond (Illinois)




4 lbs & 3 oz


Phil Conyers


Strip Mine Lake (Kentucky)




8 oz


Liam Clayton


Knight Pond (Maine)




2 lbs & 13 oz


Grove Lake


Gray Ralston (Nebraska)




3 lbs & 7 oz




Alice Lake (Minnesota)




3 lbs


Farm Pond


Dom Santarelli (New Jersey)




4 lbs & 5 oz


Henderson Country Lake


Danny Case (North Carolina)




3 lbs & 4 oz


Salt Fork Lake


Willis Nicholes (Ohio)


Bluegill Record for State Level

Bluegill is the best freshwater fish in North America and also the most accessible and popular. They might be one of the hardest fighting and pound for pound. When it comes to feeding and will commonly eat things like plankton, insects, and worms, Bluegill is an opportunist.

Often, Bluegills swim in shallow water areas and are littered with grass, structure, or wood. Along with both food and protection from the other fish, these shallow-water dwellings are available. They used downsized tackle to target as Bluegill has small mouths to target the spunky panfish most effectively. Most of the fishing experiences have been made in the north, and there we consider any bluegill over 8 inches to be fatty, and in fact, over five years to grow 8 inches it may take Bluegill in Wisconsin.

Story of Sunfish Record

The giant Bluegill had been caught by a kid in Okla and goes too viral so take a look at the diminutive species’ most prominent. Ernest Hemingway set down at his typewriter in 1951, punching keys until he had produced the last major work of fiction that made his long and storied literary. Just ask 13-year-old Joshua Thomas who was a young angler and who just the other day caught a vast one bluegill, which was too impressed that it caused to appear his picture in the news stories and he belonged to northeastern Oklahoma. As an excellent table fare, the bluegills are widely regarded for their hard fight against the light and tackle. And as an important baitfish for the largemouth bass in many water bodies. Across Oklahoma, the bluegill species readily stocked. During the late spring, they have prolific natural spawns and early summer months, and the annual breeding cycles that bring the Bluegill into the deeper water. They will attack a variety of baits and lures, feistily.

Summary About Bluegill

On each side of the gills’ posterior edge and the base of the dorsal fin, the Bluegill is mostly noted for the black spot that it had. Due to the presence of Neurally controlled chromatophores under the skin, the precise coloration will vary. The male is bright orange with breast and the female mostly has yellow color on breast. They contain ctenoid scales with a terminal mouth and a lateral line that is arched anteriorly upward. The size range of Bluegill from about 12 to 4 inches and reaches a maximum size which is just over 16 inches. The largest one Bluegill which has ever caught contains the size of 12 ounces.

The Bluegill is most closely related to orange-spotted sunfish and the redear sunfish, but generally, a little difference occurs in a distinct spot at or near the base of the soft dorsal fin.

In pond and lake management, bluegills play an essential role in keeping crustacean and insects’ populations low, generally as a single bluegill population. Those may eat up to six times their weight and in just one summer.


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