World Record Deadlift-Anderson Developed a World Record

World Record Deadlift contains considerable detail about the history of the great Dead-lifters. We discussed fact and step by step to inform you about the latest and old info, related to all the World Records. Strongman Paul Edward Anderson was an American Weightlifter. He was born on October 17, 132 and died on August 15, 194. A world Champion and a great Olympic gold medalist became two times national champion in the Olympic Weightlifting. To the development of the competitive powerlifting, Anderson contributed Significantly.


At the height of the Cold War, Anderson who became a winner of the USA National Amateur Athletic Union Championship of Weightlifting travelled to the Soviet Union in 1955. During the World Championships in Munich, Germany, the weightlifting was a popular sport for an international weightlifting competition that October 27, during 1955. Then, Anderson established two other world records and for the press 407.7 lb or nearly 184.9 Kg, whose total weight cleared as he was quickly won the competition in his weight class to achieve the world championship. Anderson received by then Vice-President Richard Nixon, who has thanked him for being an incredible goodwill ambassador, while upon his return to the United States.

In 1960, Olympics because he had been ruled a professional for some reason to accept the money just for some of his weightlifting and the strength exhibitions, Anderson could not complete. As the most dominated lifter in the World, this feat solidified his position and cemented his legacy as the strongest.

Early Life

Anderson was born in Toccoa of Georgia and the only son of the Ethel Bennett and Robert Anderson. He began his early weight training and the gaming on his own in his backyard of the family to increase his size and strength as he could pay on the Toccoa High School Football team and there he had earned a position as the first blocking back to the team. Later, he decided to move to Elizabethton with his family, and there he met weightlifter Bob people. He would greatly influence him in squat training and then introduce him into the weightlifting circles and criteria.

World Record Deadlift by Army Veteran

The disabled Army veteran achieved popularity in the headlines by breaking a new weightlifting world record. He lifted the 505 kilograms seated deadlift, which has recognized as a bona fide Guinness World Record. That World record was unbeatable because to lift the 505 kg weight is not an easy task.

Previously, World Record discovered by the Arnold Sports Festival in March, who had lift 501 kg. Later, that World Record destroyed by Army Veteran. In 2009, Tye was injured on a tour of Afghanistan while serving with the British Army. When it was struck by the suicide bomber while driving another vehicle, Lance Corporal Tye was guarding a truck.

World Record Deadlift by Hafthor Bjornsson

On Saturday, Hafthor Bjornsson set a world record in the deadlift and hoisting 1,104.52 pounds, nearly 501 kilograms. In his native Iceland, the 31-year-old set the description. He was well-known by the name of “Thor”, and he was roughly 6-feet height. For his role as “The Mountain” Gregor Clegane in the HBO series, Game of Thrones, Bjornsson is the best known. In 2018, he won the World’s Strongest Man Championship in 2018 and then finished the third or the better every year since 2012.

The weight is heavier than a polar bear, and this clarifies just how the heavy record he has built. Thor stated that He was absolutely speechless and so happy and thankful. Everything went according to the plans that he was over the moon. To his world deadlift record, Thor is also a one-time World’s Strongest Man winner, nearly five times Europe’s Strongest Man Victor and almost three times Arnold Strongman Classic championship.

Official Records

Olympic Weightlifting has done in the official competition.

Clean and Press: 408.5 lb which is nearly 185.2 kg on the 195, October 16 in Munich at the 1955 World Championships.

Snatch 335 lb weight which is nearly 151.95 in 1956, June 2.

Jerk and Clean: Weight-lift nearly 440 lb or 199.58 kg on 1956, June 2 in Philadelphia at the 1956 Senior Nationals.

Professional Strongman

All the above about the weightlifters for those we had discussed are the professional strongman, or you can say Gymer. They are the man from those we have to make our mind. Because they work hard from a very long period, you may have noted that perfection requires a lot of hard work.

Through adversity, man rises in dignity, and these models attempt these rules. They generated a fantastic example for us never to lose hope and work hard till you succeed.


These points are mainly to note that all the World record generators are very hardworking and attain never-give-up faith. Anderson, Hafthor Bjornsson developed fantastic world records. The terrifyingly strong muscle bounded man and the fight against the Oberyn Martell is any indication. But above all, my favourite part of all this how much Bjornsson and Anderson personifies himself.

They distinguished themself with great effort and raised themselves among the massive crowd of people. You may note the strength and hardworking beyond the achievements. One muscle develops hard pain during the building session. They have to use the perfect diet and make much more effort to achieve perfection. Must take benefits from their life. So, in the end, if you read about the famous and world record generator personalities than please leave a comment and share if you like info. Other info related to the hardworking characters those develops the world record also gives. Read and share if you like.


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