World Record Largemouth Bass-How to Catch the largemouth bass

The world record largemouth bass despite the popularity of bass fishing. The world records catch surprisingly infrequent. A new record-breaking bass would turn up every few years or so, and you had thought with all the professional tournament. The biggest world record largemouth bass has held for over 80 years, in fact, the official all-tackle record also held. The story behind the world record is not so straightforward as with most fish tales. A Great Depression-era farmer named George Perry allow us to introduce you and by start unwinding this yarn.

George Perry caught the current world record bass out of the Lake Montgomery, an oxbow lake off the Ocmulgee River in Southern Georgia. And at that time the world records for the fish did not exist. That fish weighed nearly 22 pounds and 4 ounces. By today’s definition, Mr Perry certainly was not a sport angler and perusing the record was nowhere on his radar. To put some meat on the table, he and his partner went down to the lake. They drove home after catching and landing the beast with a creek chub fintail shiner lure and by stopping to weigh the fish at the local post office.

World Record Largemouth Bass by Manabu Kurita

From Japan, although some of the test bass fishing tackle hails, Shimano, Gamakatsu and Daiwa to name a few like the country are not generally thought of as a monster bass hotspot. Since the largemouth bass is non-native, the Japanese government considers them a nuisance and actively carrying out the plans to exterminate the species. The catch confirmed as legitimate through a polygraph test, Kurita caught his record bass in the Biwa Lake. The weight of the largemouth fish weighing 22 pounds, 5 ounces and the bass surpasses Mr Perry’s in 1932. IGFA regulations require that the new record outweighs the current form, more than two ounces. The catch is considered a tie for official record purposes. Now, the thought or a question appears that who is next to develops his own World Record.

Oldest Largemouth Bass

This summer, a Montana bass weighed 3.5 pounds earlier, when Garrett Frost was caught and released. And many people thought that it might be the largest on largemouth on the record. It carried allowed the resource managers at that tag to determine that it was 19 years old. But a 6.78-pound bass caught in New York’s Mariaville still owns the honour. Biologist used otolith rings to determine that the fish was at least 23 years old, in 1992. First, the largemouth fish was kept by Angler Mark Lenegar after he caught it for the third time in one day and also noted that it was bleeding around the tail.


After by anglers, largemouth bass keenly sought, and those noted for their fight’s excitement, whose meaning was how vigorously the fish resists and held into the boat or onto shore after being hooked. In their effort to throw the hook, the fish will often become airborne in their struggle, but many say that their cousin species is even more aggressive.

Along with lures the anglers most often fish for the largemouth bass like Spinnerbait, Jigs, Plastic worms, and live bait, such as worms and minnows. Than younger fish, the adult occupies in the deeper water of the larger lakes and reservoirs, and shift to the diet that consists almost entirely of the smaller fish like shad, ciscoes, shiners, freshwater silversides and sunfish. The younger members of larger fish species also consume catfish, white bass, striped bass and trout. Bass grow more slowly due to difficulty in acquiring prey and the studies of the prey utilization by the largemouths show that in the weedy waters. When designing regulations for the specific bodies of the water, the fisheries managers must consider these factors. Bass can devastate the prey population and starve or stunted with little or no cover. Generally, adult largemouth is apex predators within their habitat. Still, maybe they were preyed upon by the other or many animals while young, including great blue herons, northern pike, yellow perch, channel catfish, crappie, and American eels.

Mackenzie Ruth Hickox

Mackenzie Hickox was just only 11 years old when she set the female junior-angler and record while fishing with her parents, her sister and a friend from the shore of the human-made pond near her home. To entice a strike, she used a strobe spinner then measured and weighed the bass before releasing it on a portable scale.

Terry McAbee

In 1998, Mar. 18 in the lake of Isabella, California Terry McAbee discover a largemouth fish of 16 pounds and 9 ounces. After a big fight using a G. Loomis rod, he had caught them Daiwa reels and 6 inches artificial worm. At a local supermarket, the fish weighed on a certified scale, and it is the men 6-pound line class record.

Larry Kurosaki World Record Largemouth bass


The largemouth fish caught on Feb. 26, 2009, in Castaic Lagoon, California. The weight of this fish was 16 pounds 12 ounces. On an 8-pound tippet to hook that big bass during a morning outing on Castaic Lagoon, Larry Kurosaki used a custom-tied minnow fly. A smaller body of water below the main reservoir of Castaic Lake in California. With fly tackle, it is the biggest largemouth caught in the IGFA record book. For five minutes, Kurosaki fought the fish before weighing it with a portable certified scale and then releasing it.

Also, there are a lot of World Records that have established in the World. All contain a lot of tragedy, style, and a story or adventure. So, we can only make the effort, but the World Record generate by some common or unique personalities. Must share this content to your friends and relatives, if you had read this content. And through sharing the info evolves not corrupt or destruct.

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