World Record Squat-Andrey Malanichev

World Record Squat

Andrey Malanichev utterly developed the world record for the highest unequipped squat on Saturday, nearly racking up more than half a ton or 470 kg almost to be an exact match. At the Boss of Bosses, the super heavyweight king put up the numbers, and the event was held in mountain view, hosted by Boss Barbell Club and Dame Group, the United States Powerlifting Association. In an Instagram post, the USPA confirmed the record. In February 2014 at 1,014 lbs, Malanichev set his last squat record. He holds the top spot for the entire powerlifting raw category including the squat, bench press, and deadlift but after dominating the platform this past weekend. They had made the greatest powerlifter in the Men’s Raw World Records.

Jake Schellenschlager

Jake Schellenschlager with incredible displays of strength, continues to impress the powerlifting world. At first, he caught the media’s attention worldwide since 2013 with a deadlift record of 300 pounds and then a foot featured in The Washington Post. A variety and the Atlantic of news shows around the world. Of the World Gym Glen Burnie in Maryland, Jake is currently a member, where he first caught the workout like a bug with his dad. And now, he is a veteran trainer at his Gym and trains under the guidance of Mike Sarni.

He is making his mark on the bodybuilding world as well but not only has Jake excelled in powerlifting. At the Musclemania Championships in Maryland, Jake took first place in his class in May 2014. In the 2016 Olympics games, one of his short-term goals is to compete or completes.

Facts about Squat Game

They do not call the barbell back squat the “King of the mass builders” for nothing. Here we provide the best exercise around for packing on the strength and muscle on your glutes, calves, abdominals, back, and quads—a pretty substantial benchmark for most lifters which is nearly 315 pounds squat. So, please learn about the facts like your own bodyweight, training history and genetics, Gender, Programming routine, and how much you afford to spend for bulking or cutting.

Diet Requirements

This fact is too enough if you joined the Gym at an early age. Then, eat bananas in the morning before school. I try to be healthy all day, but the school does not have the most nutritious meal choices. Eat the chicken breasts, salmon, and other fish for dinner. Also, we prefer a protein shake before going home.

Strength Standards World Record Squat

According to the strength standards, those estimate the single maximal weight lifting repetition over 18 for adults—these standards are based on the data collected from competitive weightlifters and the powerlifters dating back to the 1950s. The standards are based on the lifts performed with no assertive training gear, in any weight lifting category, and executed according to the international competitive guidelines.

The World Record Squat has generated by Andrey Malanichev and compared it with the bear. With strength norms, the performance standards should not be confused with the strength

Brian Carol World Record Squat

Brian Carroll has become the first person to ever squat over the weight of 1300 pounds. On 3rd October, in the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Gene Rychlak Jr. Pro Invitational in the 140 kg weight class, the 39-year-old Carrol competed. He hit a new all-time world record squat of 592.3 kilograms nearly 1306 pounds, on his fourth attempt by squatting in a multi-ply suit and knee wraps.

Nathan Baptist from the United Powerlifting Association Utah Kick-Off meet on 1,278.68 pounds, ATWR squat in a multi-ply suit, and the knee wraps coming into the event. He got injured, but he claimed third place in the event with the following states:

  • Squat: 581 kilograms or 1,281 pounds
  • Deadlift: 120.6 kilograms or nearly 266 pounds
  • Bench press: 118.3 Kilograms or 261 pounds
  • Total: 820.1 kilograms or almost 1,808 pounds

Remarkably, his second squat attempt was secured the ATWR by a single kilogram just before his fourth attempt, which does not count towards his total, and achieved the milestone of the first-ever 1.300-plus pound squat. At that time his bodyweight of the competition was 303 pounds, which means his ATWR Squat was 4.3 times his body weight.

Exercise need for standard gymnasts

For the standard gymnast, the exercise requirements include hardworking first. You have to raise the dose of exercise at least once a weak. Use healthy nutrition, but we do not allow you to use the protein shakes because it generates gas in your stomach and cause fart pain.

Remember, you have to use the proper exercise and read from the exercising categories of different websites. All the world record establishers were the standard gymnasts first, but you have made your mind first to be a world record establisher. Developing a world record is not an easy task, but it depends on time. But perfection needs hardworking and a lot of time usage. Never give up if you want to achieve the reward of a world record establisher. To lift the weight of 200 kg on the squat can be a massive task for the standard gymnasts but if he wants to achieve perfection, then never lose hope.


In conclusion, we conclude that you have to work hard even if you are in every life stage. Never judge a book by its cover and never lose hope because hope the primary key to success. Jack Schellenschlager and other world record establisher are very hardworking. Please share this content with your friends and relatives to explore the knowledge because sharing is caring and through sharing the information, digs do not destroy or vanish. Must do hard work because the primary key to success is hard work, not imagination. Also, check the other world records that we have provided you on this website.

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